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Trend alert: These trailers are hardly trashy

Three new campers that aren't for the average family road trip.

The Deseo Caravan

Guess what's bringing sexy back these days? Trailers! Well, kind of--these are actually campers, since you hook them up to the back of your car or SUV. But I'm sure that with this precedent, we'll be seeing full-out trailers done up in luxe style before long. Apparently, some people really just can't make their cross-country excursions without high design:

Inside the Deseo Caravan Deseo

Deseo Caravan. Hailing from the Netherlands, this is marketed as a lightweight, compact, well-designed camper that's sold at an affordable cost. They are pretty reasonably priced, starting at 6,677 euros, which is slightly over $9,000 these days. Unfortunately, I don't think that includes the interior decoration that's showcased in all the gorgeous gallery photos that Deseo provided. I'm guessing that'd jack up the price just a tad. (Via Apartment Therapy)

The exterior of a DWR Airstream Airstream

Design Within Reach's Airstream. Highbrow furniture retailer Design Within Reach has teamed up with San Francisco-based architect Christopher Deam and classic camper manufacturer Airstream to design a mobile hub for "young modernists" like "rock climbers, surfers, dot-com guys," according to an interview with Deam conducted by The New York Times. This Airstream, which sounds way nicer than my apartment, will be outfitted with a flat-screen TV, antenna and phone jacks, and extra-swanky design. It'll be sold for $49,066 starting in early June--just time for your summer road trip. (Via

The interior of the DWR Airstream trailer Design Within Reach

T@b RV. This seems to be the mobile equivalent of The Pod Hotel--cute, bright, and geared toward fun-loving travelers. There's no specific pricing information available online, probably because they're very customizable with regard to features as well as both interior and exterior design. Aside from that, there's nothing particularly high-tech about them, but hey, anything that comes in lime green gets points in my book. (Via BuzzFeed)

A T@b trailer in the 'Techno' color scheme T@b

So...who wants to go on a road trip? I'll provide the snacks and the iPod full of sing-along songs. Woohoo!