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Tremor FX home theater seats vibrate with movie action

Tremor FX theater seats bring the buzz from the big-screen movie houses to your humble home theater.

Tremor FX chair
Are you ready to feel the action?
RedSeat Entertainment

It used to be that if you wanted your butt to buzz along with the action in the latest Michael Bay explosion-fest blockbuster, you had to go to a fancy theater equipped with Tremor FX seats. Now, you can enjoy the same good, good, good vibrations in the comfort of your own home.

RedSeat Entertainment has just launched Tremor FX Home using the same technology found in select high-tech movie theaters. Pulsating actuators embedded in the chair are triggered by the sounds from movies or video games.

The seats work with any home theater system using a wireless transmitter plugged into the HDMI-out port on a receiver. Depending on the wave's pitch, you feel vibrations in different locations. Bass sounds like big, boomy explosions are felt lower, while tinny gunfire is felt higher up on the seat.

Like many high-end home theater components, this technology doesn't come cheap. A four-chair set equipped with Tremor FX starts at $20,000. But imagine your shoulders vibrating as you pick off zombies in Resident Evil, or feeling your booty shake during any one of the brutal deaths in "Game of Thrones." Watching television may never feel the same again.