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TrekStor's thumb drive for the thirsty

TrekStor drive can not only store digital files, but can pop that beer bottle cap off anytime you fancy a tipple.

TrekStor bottle opener drive

USB thumb drives are going the Swiss Army way in their all-in-one multiple offerings, and this latest gives Victorinox a run for its tools. Who'd have thought a TrekStor can not only store digital files (up to 16GB), but also pop that beer bottle cap off anytime you fancy a tipple?

Bottoms up to a very nice combination for press launches or office retreats: data and drinking. What's more, this makes for a pretty nifty keychain add-on, with its solid brushed-aluminum finish and snazzy bottle opener at the end. TrekStor has slated this product for October at $12-$88, depending on the capacity.

(Via Crave Asia)