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TrayVu: In-flight Android with your peanuts

Skycast Solutions takes the boring old airplane seat-back tray and builds an Android tablet into it. Fold down the tray, flip up the tablet, and go to town on movies, food ordering, music, and games.

Skycast Solutions TrayVu
Please make sure that your Android tablet is in an upright and locked position.
Skycast Solutions

Airlines may soon be serving up more than dried out chicken and honey roasted peanuts on tray tables. Skycast Solutions has just launched TrayVu, an Android-powered in-flight entertainment system that is integrated into the seat-back tray.

Instead of staring at a hunk of beige plastic, fliers would get a full view of an Android tablet with an 8.9-inch screen. It can be viewed from the seat back position, or flipped up with the tray table down.

More fun than a regular seat tray. Skycast Solutions

The systems will let customers order food and drinks for themselves or other family members (and maybe strangers) and run up a tab. The usual in-flight movies will be on tap along with ads, shopping, music, and games.

If you happen to work for an airline, you'll want to hear about the installation requiring no seat modifications and that the system adds less than 2 pounds of weight per seat.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit to frequent fliers is the ability to lower the device down to a reasonable level.

No more reaching up to activate a touchscreen. You can keep it right there with your cup of watered down coffee and peach danish in a plastic bag.

Be kind to the next passenger and wipe that danish off your fingers before pawing your complimentary in-flight Android tablet.