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Trayvon Martin trial spawns insensitive Instagram from defense lawyer's daughter

Daughter of Don West -- the lawyer defending George Zimmerman, the man who shot the black teen -- posts an image of herself and her dad eating ice cream, with the caption "We Beat Stupidity." West admits it was "grossly insensitive."

Is this the kind of stupidity that defeats you, too?
Molly Westttt/Instagram

If you happen to be involved in a trial that has severe racial overtones, you should perhaps know that mockery might not be the most appropriate mode of expression.

Don West, lawyer for George Zimmerman -- the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. -- began his client's defense with a knock-knock joke, so perhaps the stage was already set for a different sort of theater.

You might imagine, though, that if you're a West family member, you'd temper your need to, say, leap to your favored social network to add to that mockery, with even further racial overtones.

And yet one of West's daughters couldn't resist going to her "MollyWestttt" Instagram account to post a sweet family image that packed something of a sidewinder.

As BuzzFeed reports, the image was charming: a father and his two daughters with their cones of soft ice cream.

The caption accompanying the image was a little less soft: "We beat stupidity celebration cones ... #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit."

You might think it borders on the coarse to suggest a murder trial lawyer "killed" anything. You might, moreover, wonder what "we beat stupidity" might refer to.

Well, West spent much of the week trying to disturb the equilibrium of Martin's friend Rachel Jeantel.

It wouldn't be hard to infer that Molly West's Instagram caption suggests that Jeantal -- who happens to be black -- represents "stupidity."

The Miami Herald's Evan Benn reports that West told him: "We're not always proud of things our children do, but we love them anyway, and then we move on."

Perhaps that also includes not being proud of what our children think, too. But I wonder what West might have said, before and after the Instagram picture, to his daughter -- who is reportedly "mortified."

A West spokesperson also told Benn: "We understand the context of the comments with what's happened in court this week are grossly insensitive."

There are increasing instances of certain people from certain generations not understanding (or caring) about what they inject into the public eye, whether it's on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

One father blames just such a (couldn't) careless attitude for his son facing 8 years in jail after posting a Facebook joke about shooting and eating schoolchildren.

The habit of publishing one's every thought, act, and feeling is becoming so ingrained that it is often regarded as merely "normal."

To Molly West it might well have seemed entirely normal to post that image with those words: Other people should, of course, know what she's really feeling and thinking (that's, like, what social networks are for, right?).

But regardless of what you might think happened on the day George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, how can you not wonder what went through the head of Molly West? How can you not wonder whether her sentiments are shared by her father?

It's hard not to conclude that she did, indeed, defeat stupidity.

For even stupidity stood there and couldn't believe what she was saying and doing.