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TravelTrac allows real-time media sharing on the go

Service makes it easy to share photos, video, and more while traveling, or store them on a device until there's connectivity.

SAN DIEGO--It's great to see modern technology applied to experiences we've all had for years. One thing that many people share is the difficulty of getting the most out of traveling, and helping others benefit from what we've learned on our own travels.

After seeing the presentation Tuesday morning at DemoFall 09 from TravelTrac, I'm hopeful that this dynamic may be changing.

TravelTrac enables users to share their travel experiences in real time, with easy uploading of photos, videos, and more. TravelTrac

The main idea behind TravelTrac is to "share adventures as they happen." This works by enabling people to use their iPhones to share their experiences as they have them. Users can post videos, photographs, their location, and journal entries, whether they're online. If someone is online while doing the posts, the content goes live right away. When not online, those posts go live the next time a user connects.

TravelTrac is built around the concept of creating traveling communities, and the company has broken down its users' experiences into three main areas: MotoTrac, for those who travel by motorcycle; TrekTrac, for those who travel on land by car, train, RV, or other vehicle; and SailTrac, for those who prefer maritime travel.

Regardless of which method someone travels by, what's nice about this is that it allows users to share the best parts--or the worst, if that's what's important in the moment--of their journeys, and for everyone else to benefit from that knowledge. And because the service allows the sharing of a wide range of media, it means that there will be a new form of collective memory of traveling, no matter where people go.

And that is exactly what modern social media and devices like the iPhone are supposed to be about. It's nice to see someone applying these things to something so many people do.