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Travel bag for gadget fans

Built NY makes handy bags and sleeves for all your portable electronics.

Here in the CNET editorial cube farm, we're usually not too fond of receiving random, unannounced packages from tech vendors. Not that I'm afraid of anthrax or suspiciously ticking boxes. No, it's more that I prefer to be aware of the products I'm receiving to ensure that they're not being sent to me in vain--there's not a lot this San Francisco-based MP3 editor can do with a digital camera accessory except ship it to the camera editors in New York. But every once in a while, I receive an unexpected package that contains something fantastic. Case in point: the Charger Bag from Built NY. This handy travel bag is precisely what I've been missing on every trip I take, which involves loading my carry-on with an MP3 player, a PVP, a digital camera, and sometimes a laptop and a PSP. (What?! I don't like to be bored!) And--how convenient--the Charger Bag just happens to have six separate compartments sewn into its padded interior. The bag also features a zip top and a handle for easy totage. The one I hold on my lap as I write this is the black version, but I'm rather taken with the multi-colored bag and just might have to pick one up when they go on sale in February. (Pricing is unavailable at this time.)

Built NY also offers a variety of other bags and cases for various gadgets as well as some for other, non-techy purposes (such as the Hungry Tote for baby). The company's Laptop Sleeve is another product I've been lusting after for some time now--it provides the extra padding necessary for transporting a laptop in an otherwise non-tech-friendly purse or bag.