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Get a 'Farsighted' view of that star with 7 Earth-like planets

Scientists say a star just 39 light-years away has exoplanets that may harbor water oceans and possibly even E.T. Join our discussion on the science and the science fiction of this huge story.


Wednesday's news that nearby star Trappist-1 hosts seven Earth-sized planets and is our new best bet to find life beyond our solar system has the nerdiest neurons of the "Farsighted" show crew a-tingling.

Join Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton and Eric Mack at 1 p.m. PT for a discussion about the connection between this exciting scientific discovery and science fiction.

The Trappist-1 system seems to be a perfect setting for a space opera, with Earth-like exoplanets close enough to each other to be able to imagine a real-life planet-hopping drama like the kind we've become accustomed to from our favorite sci-fi franchises.

We're going to pitch a few of our own ideas for future sci-fi stories set around Trappist-1, check out the first one that's already been written and talk about how those kinds of stories might help us actually visit one day.

The live stream of Thursday's show will be embedded above. You can also watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

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