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Transforming robot kicks butt, carries creator

Fighting robot OmniZero can transform from humanoid into car and then a walking seat. It's the latest from the world of Robo-One warrior bots.

OmniZero carries Takeshi Maeda at Robo-One.
Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Japanese robot builder Takeshi Maeda is blowing minds with an exciting demo of the latest version of his OmniZero robot.

The ninth generation of OmniZero can transform from bipedal fighting machine into a rolling vehicle as well as a walking seat (See it in action in the video below). The shape-changing robot is 3.4 feet tall and weighs in at 55 pounds.

Maeda, who weighs about 115 pounds, can ride piggyback on OmniZero when its head tilts back. The front wheels serve as handholds. In chair mode, the robot can change direction but doesn't seem able to move too well while carrying its creator.

Maeda showed it off at Robo-One 16, a popular robot combat tournament that was held in Toyama City over the weekend. The machine transformed into car mode and rolled into the ring.

OmniZero towered over opponents and took down AerobattlerMonstar for the championship, according to Robot Watch.

OmniZero has been delighting robotics fans since around 2003. The fourth generation could climb a ladder, skip rope, and break eggs.

Maeda has been involved with Japanese robot start-up Vstone, which operates a robot hobby shop in Tokyo's Akihabara, as well as Team Osaka, a competitor in the RoboCup international robot soccer tournament.

(Via Robot Watch)