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Watch the trailer for 'Transformers: The Movie' 30th anniversary remaster

Here's the exclusive new trailer for a special edition celebrating 30 years of the movie that delighted -- and traumatised -- a generation.

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This handsome steelbook Blu-ray is coming later this year.

Manga Entertainment/Shout Factory/Hasbro

"The Transformers: The Movie" is ready to transform and roll out in newly remastered form to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The classic animated movie exploded into movie theatres on 8 August 1986. Perhaps surprisingly, it wasn't a huge theatrical hit -- it barely scraped into the year's box office top 100 -- but has since become a much-loved cult classic.

The movie saw the Autobots take on their ancestral foes the Decepticons -- and a new, planet-threatening menace called Unicron. A darker proposition than the cartoon TV series, the star-studded flick featured the voices of Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy and, in his final performance, Orson Welles.

To celebrate the anniversary, a limited edition Blu-ray steelbook will be released later this year featuring a remastered 4K version of the movie and assorted extras. They include a director's commentary, featurettes and storyboards. Also included is "Til All Are One", a new documentary looking back at the making of the film.

The Blu-ray steelbook will be released in the US in September and the UK in December. All together now: you got the tooouuuuch!