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Watch 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Super Bowl 2017 trailer

Director Michael Bay releases the extended trailer before the big game after it leaks online.

For some viewers, Sunday's gridiron battle is secondary to another raging war: the one depicted in the "Transformers: The Last Knight" trailer airing during the game.

On Friday, a teaser came out, with many fans noting the lack of Autobots leader Optimus Prime.

But overnight Saturday into Sunday, the full Super Bowl ad leaked, which led director Michael Bay to post it on his website and YouTube with this note:

"I'm not going to let you wait 'til Super Bowl," Bay wrote. "I have diehard fans, some are very good at hacking. Since someone found it and hacked it (does this person work for the Russians?), I've decided to release the extended ad before the games. So you guys are the first to see it."

The longer edition keeps the same creepy, dread-filled vibe of the earlier ones (thank Sir Anthony Hopkins and his iconic classy-but-terrifying voice) and reveals more information.

Fans who've been watching the teasers that have trickled out so far already know leader Optimus Prime gets involved in a Civil War-type battle against one of his own (this is a pretty well-known spoiler, but we'll stay vague because you can watch it for yourself). Optimus Prime was missing from Friday's shorter teaser, but he's back in this one, in both a battle scene and another rather disturbing moment.

And another "Transformers" favorite, Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots, shows up in both Friday's teaser and Sunday's longer trailer. Numerous fans thought it didn't look good for Grimlock, with YouTube user SilentSniper760 transforming a "Walking Dead" fan saying about Daryl Dixon, writing, "If Grimlock dies, we riot!"

Fans are already busily dissecting other moments, and there's plenty of time. "Transformers: The Last Knight" doesn't come out until June 23 in the US and UK. No word yet on Australia's opening date.

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