Transfer albums to CD

Do you know of a way to record vinyl to CD?

Pam Carroll
Former editor of CNET Australia, Pam loves being in the thick of the ever-growing love affair (well addiction, really) that Australians have with their phones, digital cameras, flat screen TVs, and all things tech.
Pam Carroll

There are lots of vinyl freaks (as well as those of us whose music collections pre-date the late 1980s) who would love to enjoy their favourite tracks in a portable environment. The good news is that with a little patience, the right software and the cabling to connect the stereo to your computer and CD burner, you can convert your record collection to CD and MP3 formats.

Our feature Breathe life back into your LPs will take you through the process step-by-step. But be warned, Australia actually considers this type of music reproduction an infringement of copywright law. Granted, if strictly enforced, this would also implicate virtually every one with an MP3 player and there haven't been any cases of individuals being taken to court, but it bears being aware of the issue.