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Train driver caught playing FarmVille on iPad

An outraged passenger on a Mexico City train films as a train driver plays with his cows.

Playing with cows and lives? AMVCOP/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There's a certain poignancy when a cell phone camera catches someone risking people's lives and ignoring that fact.

Here is a driver on Mexico City's STC train system who's a little too distracted by FarmVille on his iPad.

The video, posted to YouTube by AMVCOP, was reportedly taken by passenger Carlo Segura Linares.

Various media outlets quoted him as saying: "I grabbed my phone straightaway because I knew no one would believe me, and I wanted to make sure everybody realized how we were putting lives at risk with idiots like this."

Linares reportedly said the driver would open the doors and close them again to give himself a little more time to corral his cows.

For its part, STC said it's taking action against the driver. In a statement on its Web site, it said he had been removed from his duties.

It explained: "The driver's behavior was outside the norms, manuals and protocols of STC." The statement also criticized him for an obvious lack of responsibility.

This driver isn't, indeed, the first to be caught. In Hong Kong, an MTR driver was spied playing with his iPad too. Oh, and clipping his nails.

Clearly, it's fortunate that no harm was caused by the Mexican driver's inattention.

But if passengers aren't going to notice it, who is?