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Track your stolen wheels with BikeSpike

This Kickstarter prototype is a stealth GPS tracker, calorie counter, and collision alert system.


You've got the quality locks, you've seen the how-to-lock videos, and you're very careful about where to leave your bicycle. But is that enough?

Not according to the backers of BikeSpike, a GPS tracking device being promoted on Kickstarter.

If a thief makes off with your ride, the BikeSpike will show its map location on your mobile device or home computer. Police can be given access to the data to help recovery.

BikeSpike has several other functions, too, as seen in the lighthearted promo vid below.

The compact attachment includes an antenna and an accelerometer, so you can use it to track your distance and speed during rides, or have it send automatic alerts if you're in a crash.

The related Android/iOS app can be used to set up a safe zone for kids' bikes. You'll receive an alert if they ride out of it.

BikeSpike, which is going to backers who pledge $149 or more, attaches to your bike's frame inside a carbon fiber bottle cage. It's a relatively simple install with two tamper-resistant screws.

The gizmo comes with one or two years of data plans at promotional rates. After that, users will have to pay regular rates.

It's no exploding bike lock, but this discreet device could at the very least give you peace of mind. What do you do to secure your ride?