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Track Hurricane Isaac in a Google map

Readers near the path of Hurricane Isaac with functional Internet access should keep an eye on this handy crisis response map built by Google for the latest emergency information.

NASA's Terra satellite captured this image today of Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf of Mexico at 9:30 a.m. PT. (Click to enlarge.)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Google Crisis Response team has built a Hurricane Isaac Google map that provides a great deal of information and help for those experiencing Isaac's moderately powerful Category 1 intensity, capable of 95 mph wind speeds, heavy rain, and flooding from dangerous storm surge.

Compatible with nearly all modern Web browsers (including Android and iOS), the interactive map provides a clear look at the path of the storm, as well as the latest warnings for residents of impacted cities and counties. The dynamic map offers many helpful options, including the ability to display current radar and cloud imagery, evacuation routes, and active shelter/recovery center locations.

For those wanting to get a real social look into the storm, the Hurricane Isaac Google map provides links to active Webcams and geo-tagged YouTube videos recently captured nearby, displayed on the map according to their exact location. Meteorological mavens may also flick on filters for sea surface temperatures, wind speed probabilities, flood forecasts, and much more. We embedded the map below, which you can zoom in and out of, or select layers of information to overlay.

(Via Google Lat Long)