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Toyota's i-Real...just a mobile wheelchair?

Car maker will debut another incarnation of a mobility vehicle for one at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.

Toyota's i-Real concept vehicle for one. Toyota

Photos of the Toyota i-Real robot/car that will debut at the 2007 Tokyo auto show are already making their way across the Web.

But what's all the fuss?

The i-Real is a battery-powered vehicle with three wheels.

The rear wheel can kick back further for a low-to-the-ground fast movement with great stability.

While the i-Real looks neat, it's really no different than other Toyota car/robot hybrids we've written about before.

Remember the i-Foot, the i-Wing and the i-Unit?

Toyota's i-Wing Michael Kanellos/CNET News.com

If you are interested and want to see more, AutoBlog Green has a nice gallery.