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Town forces asses to wear diapers

Technically Incorrect: Citing a need to preserve its tarmac roads, the town of Wajir in Kenya does the unthinkable and requires underwear on its donkeys.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The donkey diapers in action.

Kenya Citizen TV/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I happen to believe that the donkey is the greatest animal on Earth.

Donkeys have the permanent expression that says: "Life. It's a pile of doo-doo, isn't it? Got any food?"

Yet in Wajir, Kenya, they've decided to tear the very dignity from this most dignified of animals.

As the BBC reports, town officials have written to those whose preferred mode of transport is the donkey cart and told them to equip their donkeys with diapers or not to enter the town at all.

What could have led them to this draconian step? They claim that the measure is "to avoid poop all over the tarmac road, creating nuisance."

Kenya's Star newspaper
says there are more than 1.8 million donkeys in the country.

But that's surely no reason to subject them to this level of insult.

I understand that when you have new tarmac roads, you want to preserve them, show them off even.

However, forcing donkeys to wander around in diapers is, frankly, execrable.

I appeal to the world to find a technologically advanced solution. The most obvious, of course, is a cleaning crew that could come by regularly and sweep the donkey poop away.

Perhaps some fine international recycling company could come along and find some marvelously inventive system that would take the poop and make a business out of donkeys doing their business.

I simply cannot bear the image of these life-hardened, honest animals being subjected to this torture.

I await the world's rapid response.