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Tourist held up at gunpoint films it all on GoPro

Riding a bike in Buenos Aires, a Canadian tourist is accosted by a biker with a gun. What happens next is frightening and filmed for posterity.

Perhaps he'll show this film to his grandkids one day, but this is one scary situation. Mike Graziano/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's never wise to wander parts of foreign towns that might not be entirely safe.

Alexander Hennessy, however, seems like a fearless traveler.

Still, wandering through the La Boca district of Buenos Aires on his bike may not have been the best idea. For he was accosted by a man on a motor bike who rather fancied owning some of what was Hennessy's.

The accoster had the balance of power in his favor. He had a gun.

The fact that Hennessy lived to tell the tale shows that the gun was never used. But the GoPro attached to Hennessy preserved what was clearly a terrifying episode for the more than 5 million YouTube viewers who have already experienced it.

The whole thing unfolds with an unreasonable matter-of-factness. At first Hennessy thinks the man merely annoying. At the sight of the gun and the demand for his backpack, things turn a touch more serious.

It doesn't matter how many times you say "amigo" -- and Hennessy says it a lot -- it doesn't automatically make a man with a gun your friend.

Why the attempted robber didn't use his gun isn't clear. What is clear is that no passers-by were inclined to help too much until the threat had passed. Hennessy dropped his bike and ran. He was finally helped toward a policeman.

His trip is part of the Global Degree community online video series. On its Facebook page, Global Degree said: "The footage was given to the police and the robber was arrested later that day."

He's now a very famous robber. Famously unsuccessful too, it seems.