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Touring the high-tech 2010 Showtime House

Take a tour of the Showtime House project, packed with cool high-tech gadgets and built around shows such as Weeds and Dexter.

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For the past several years, cable channel Showtime has been putting together an annual showcase for its original programming called the Showtime House. Different interior designers are called in to create rooms themed around shows such as Dexter and Weeds, and the entire thing is built into several floors of an NYC building (this year's version was at the newly open Cassa hotel and residences in midtown Manhattan).

As Showtime is our corporate cousin in the extended CBS family, several CNET editors visited the location during construction and made themselves available to consult with the designers on their technology questions. The end result was that the Showtime House was packed with cool high-tech gadgets, from 3D televisions to video games to Dyson's bladeless Air Multiplier fan.

If you're interested in how it all turned out, I went back for a look around after the project was completed, and hosted this walkthrough of the best tech highlights. Check it out in the video above and let us know what you think.

A view of the Dexter's Refuge, from the 201 Showtime House. Showtime