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Toshiba's local dimming LCD gives deep blacks to people with less deep pockets

Albeit less impressive than other LED-based LCDs with local dimming, the Toshiba SV670U also costs less and still gives great blacks.

The Toshiba SV670U is one of the least-expensive LED-based LCDs with local dimming. Sarah Tew/CNET

At the high end of the LCD TV cost spectrum sit models equipped with LED backlighting. Whether edge-lit or local dimming, these sets command a price premium and deliver somewhat better energy efficiency and markedly better black level performance than standard LCD TVs.

But with black levels on par with plasma comes a price in the form of blooming, subpar off-angle performance and, in the case of the Toshiba flagship SV670U series, an overactive backlight. On the flip side, it still delivers those inky blacks, along with accurate color and solid video processing.

The Toshiba SV670U can get you into the LED game for less, and for LCD-over-plasma fans who crave black levels, that's reason enough to consider one.

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