Toshiba ups HD ante with movie offer

Buy any of Toshiba's HD-DVD players and choose three free flicks from a list of 15.

With the influx of new high-def movie players this holiday season, particularly ones masquerading as gaming systems and accessories, Toshiba is hoping to catch the attention of high-def adopters with a mail-in offer valid with the purchase of any of the company's HD-DVD players starting November 1 (that's next Wednesday, so make sure to laugh at anyone who picks one up this weekend).

The PDF mail-in form allows buyers to pick one free one movie each from three of the format's biggest backers; Universal, Warner Brothers, and Paramount each have five titles to choose from. With next-gen movie discs still selling for considerably higher prices than their DVD counterparts, a few free flicks can take the sting out of Toshiba players selling for $500 and up.

The form highlights the rather paltry offerings from major studios right now and spills the beans on some players that we've yet to hear about yet. In addition to the three already-available players, the form mentions a few models that have yet to be released. Besides the two second-generation players announced at CEDIA, the form lists two more we haven't heard anything about yet--the HD-D2 and the HD-A2W. The HD-D2 is likely the Wal-Mart-ized version of the HD-A2 (as the HD-D1 was to the HD-A1), but we're still grabbing at straws when it comes to the HD-A2W. Is it a white model of the HD-A2? Does it have wood paneling? Is it possible it has nothing to do with the letter W at all? Perhaps, but we're having too much fun guessing at the mystery player's features. Wheels? Does it have wheels, Toshiba?

Source: Hi-Def Digest, via Slashdot