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Toshiba unveils Windows 2000 notebooks

The Computer Systems Group introduces three portables designed to boost its market share and take advantage of the new features in Microsoft's operating system.

Toshiba's Computer Systems Group today introduced three new portables, designed to boost its market share and take advantage of the new features in Microsoft's operating system, also released today.

Many predict that notebook sales will thrive, especially among corporate customers, as a result of the Windows 2000 release. Toshiba, along with other notebook manufacturers, has introduced new corporate notebooks designed specifically in conjunction with the launch of the new OS.

Windows 2000, Microsoft's operating system for corporations and large-scale Web sites and e-commerce services, is widely thought to be a boon to notebook users.

Offering support for power management technology and USB, Windows 2000, which allows easy and fast peripheral connections, eases many of the complications its predecessor, Windows NT caused for notebook users. At the same time, the new OS is thought to be more stable and secure than previous consumer operating systems from Microsoft, like Windows 98 and Windows 95.

Many analysts predict Windows 2000: The next generationthat corporations interested in Windows 2000 will have no choice but to adopt new computers, because the minimum hardware requirements Microsoft laid out are not sufficient to effectively run the new OS.

With this in mind, Toshiba introduced the Satellite Pro 4200 series, using Intel Pentium III processors, and featuring 15-inch displays, a first for Toshiba. The new systems also come with USB support, DVD-ROM drives, 64MB of memory and Windows 2000, for a $100 premium.

The new Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD comes with a Pentium III 500-MHz processor and 15-inch display, and is priced at $2,899 with Windows 2000. The Satellite Pro 4280XDVD, with Pentium III 500-MHz processor and 14.1-inch display, is priced at $2,699 with the new operating system, while the Satellite Pro 4260DVD with Pentium III 450MHz and 13.3-inch display is priced at $2,399 with Windows 2000.

"The era of the 9-5 workday has long since passed, and as the world's leading supplier of notebook PCs, we are developing mobile computing solutions that respond to the evolving workplace," said Jeffrey Friederichs, vice president of Toshiba, in a statement. "With enhanced mobility features and proven Toshiba reliability, the Satellite Pro series empowers users with the freedom to work when and where it best meets their needs."