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Toshiba rolls out Satellite updates

Toshiba updates its Satellite laptops.

Before we're awash in MacBook news later today, Toshiba would like to keep the focus on its Satellite laptops. The company introduced minor updates to the U405, M305, M305D, A305, A355, P305, L305, and L335 lines of Satellites. A refresh for the Satellite X205 is still in the works. The new models will feature the Fusion finish that Toshiba introduced earlier this year, along with face-recognition technology that lets you log on by placing your mug in front of the laptop's Webcam, and sleep-and-charge USB ports that let you charge your cell phone or iPod when the laptop is powered down (but connected to an outlet) or in sleep mode.

We've reviewed many of these models this year; please head here for our take on these consumer laptops, which run from 13 to 17 inches. Good? OK, you may resume your wait for Steve Jobs to stroll across the stage.