Toshiba recalls Pocket PC handhelds

A glitch that can result in the loss of data has led the company to announce a voluntary recall of certain Pocket PC e740 handheld devices.

Toshiba is recalling a number of Pocket PC e740 handheld devices, citing a battery glitch that in some cases could result in the loss of data.

Toshiba's Computer Systems Group, which is part of Irvine, Calif.-based Toshiba America Information Systems, announced on Tuesday that it was recalling Pocket PC e740 devices with the serial numbers 72014641L through 92041620L. Toshiba said the problem prevents the e740?s backup battery from recharging. This could lead to a loss of unsaved data when the unit?s main battery is exhausted or removed.

The company is urging customers who have purchased affected units to return them for a free repair.

A Toshiba representative said that most of the e740 devices have been sold in the United States, but the glitch is also affecting devices sold worldwide.

Toshiba added that customers can continue to use the device without a problem as long as they never let the battery fully discharge or disconnect it from the device. To prevent data loss when changing the battery, users can connect the device to an external power supply. Backing up data onto a PC should also prevent data loss, the company said.

The $599 Pocket PC e740 was introduced in the United States in June and made its way to Asia in late September for around $720. The device features built-in 802.11b wireless networking capabilities.

CNETAsia's Winston Chai contributed to this report.