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Toshiba LCD produces (slightly) deeper black levels

While no style maven or template for reference color, the Toshiba AV502U series can do black levels better than most inexpensive LCDs.

The basic styling of the Toshiba AV502U series befits its low price. Sarah Tew/CNET

When we say the entry-level Toshiba AV502U series can produce relatively deep black levels, the key word is "relatively." It's perhaps more accurate to say that its shade of black outdoes most other less-expensive, lower resolution, small-screen LCDs we've seen by a narrow margin. It does fall short of the competition in terms of maintaining accurate color at every brightness level, however, and it will look best if you avoid feeding it any 1080i sources. Speaking of looks, the AV502U is also among the most boring-looking TVs we've seen when it's turned off, and that's saying something. Those caveats aside, this little LCD does do slightly better blacks for less, and that might be enough for bargain hunters.

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