'Top secret' features holding up Leopard?

Apple blames the iPhone for the holdup, but other sources say the OS will sport mysterious new features.

A day after Apple pinned Leopard's delayed release date on the push to get the company's iPhone out on time, some reports floated the idea that "top secret" features in the operating system could be responsible for the postponement.

Apple image

An AppleInsider report today quotes American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu as telling clients that "while Apple cited a shift in resources to iPhone and more time for developers to beta test as reasons for the delay, our analysis indicates that if not for the 'secret' features, the core Leopard operating system would likely have shipped on time."

Apple announced yesterday that it has been forced to delay the release of the next version of Mac OS X until October. As a result, Leopard will not be ready this spring, a time frame Apple had reiterated several times over the past few months.

AppleInsider didn't speculate as to what the mysterious Leopard features might be, but Gizmodo had some rather creative (and amusing) ideas:

•  iChat AV: now with pet tracker
•  CorePants: new API to design pants, because pants are important
•  Three-fingered tracking on MacBooks: mmmmm, sexy
•  TimeWarp upgrade: allows real-life time travel so OS releases always stay on schedule