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Top NBA draft pick turns up wearing Google Glass

No. 2 pick Victor Oladipo of Indiana University decides to give Google Glass some street credibility.

So very couture.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Thursday saw an annual ritual that dedicated sports lovers cherish beyond most.

Yes, a bunch of tipsy New Yorkers mercilessly booed NBA commissioner David Stern while he tried to pretend to know the names of draft picks.

This year's draft was an especially dreary affair.

In times gone by, you could rely on my comely Golden State Warriors to draft high and pick someone whose name had never been heard then and hasn't been heard since.

This year, even committed sports fans would have been daunted to remember the name of a single player.

Perhaps that's why Indiana University's Victor Oladipo decided to elevate his Oladapperness to unseen levels by wearing Google Glass.

SB Nation's Tom Lorenzo tweeted a picture of Oladipo in all his technological glory.

The NBA, too, got in on the act. Or perhaps one should say "in on the ad."

Olapdipo seems very image-aware. You might be stunned into covering your eyes with a tarpaulin when I tell you that he didn't major in comparative literature but in sports communication broadcast.

It isn't clear whether he is, like Newt Gingrich, one of the first Google Glass explorers, or whether Google slipped a pair to the NBA and said: "Put them on someone who won't look like a total nincompoop."

Oladipo was chosen by the Orlando Magic, so he will soon become immersed in fantasy.

The true test of Google's fine, but possibly flawed, product is whether he dares to wear his Glass during a game and then posts footage taken with it to YouTube.

Oh, we'll all be doing it soon, won't we? Well, when we're not watching Glassware porn, that is.