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Top Microsoft coder heads to Google

Brad Abrams heads from one computing powerhouse to another, saying he's focusing on the future.

Brad Abrams, a project manager involved in several of Microsoft's core programming technologies, has taken a job at rival Google.

"I needed a change personally, to learn something new, see the tech world from a fresh perspective. And what better place than Google!" Abrams wrote in a blog post Monday. "As I look at where things are going in the industry (and where I think they should go), it is clear that the Web, and cloud+devices specifically, are the dominant trends of the future. Working at Google will give me an opportunity to have a deep and meaningful impact on that future."

At Microsoft, which he left in April, Abrams was involved in the .Net programming foundation, its Common Language Runtime that let it use several programming languages, the Silverlight plug-in that competes with Adobe's Flash Player and, increasingly, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

It's not clear what he'll do at Google beyond working with developer programs, but Abrams pointed to Google's work with Web applications, cloud computing, and Android as areas he sees Google as leading.

Abrams is following in the footsteps Vic Gundotra, who went to Google nearly four years ago after a long career at Microsoft.

Microsoft and Google are in many ways philosophically at odds, with Microsoft's cash cows being the Windows and Office software for PCs and Google's being online search advertising. But the companies are converging as Google increases its emphasis on Google Apps online productivity tools and Microsoft heads that direction with its own online version of Office and its Azure online server service.

Via Daring Fireball.