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Top 5 Worst Wii Game Ideas

We gather together the worst idea for Wii games ever.

Our latest Top 5 video counts down the worst ideas for Wii games. We came up with some ourselves, and got some great ideas from folks on Twitter.

So watch the video then come back here to see some of the ideas we didn't use in the top 5.

  • Wii weightlifting - trejo35
  • Wii chainsaw - matthewnet
  • Wii Dishes - Socom01
  • Wii fly swatter - Peacekeeper666
  • Wiihawken nights et in Weehawken, NJ - waderockett
  • Wii litter box - surfpark
  • Wii shop vac - tetfsu
  • Wii house painter - Elkaintmoose
  • Wii diaper change - tpet
  • Wii morning commute, Wii water cooler in office, Wii boring boss presentaton - which led to our idea of Wii meetings - adravan
  • Wii spelling bee - dbrodbeck
  • Wii gymnastics - Sokkratez
  • Wii animal petting - buddyjr
  • Wii janitor, Wii butcher, Wii t-shirt sweatshop, Wii Chernobyl cleanup - joshlawrence
  • Wii grass growing - stnlss
  • Wii waiter - Sudat
  • Wii IRS audit - reginalynn
  • Wii snow shovel - relo
  • Wii stripper pole - kerotab
  • Wii Fit pole-dancing trainer - tomiwk
  • Wii spin - macosken
  • Wii jar opener - rzwo