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Top 5 things to take in line with you to the Apple Store

You need to be comfortable while you're waiting in line for the most hyped gadget ever.

I did this list on the CNET Live show last Thursday and a few people have written in asking for the links. So here you go.

5. MacBook or MacBook pro and EV-DO card
So you can Twitter everything. Because, you know, you don't have a smart phone yet. You've been waiting for the iPhone! You never know if that Wi-Fi will go down or be accessible from your place in line. Be safe!

4. A synthetic sleeping bag
No goose down, in case it rains. Down doesn't insulate when wet. Spyrofil will. Plus, the bag should be breathable if you're going to be somewhere hot.

3. Minifridge --that chills OR warms
Fill it full of energy drinks and homemade gazpacho.

2. Portable solar generator
Clean, quiet, and green. Will power your MacBook.

1. iPod
Your last dance with the old friend before you throw it away (once you get your new toy).