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Top 5: Sub-<del>$200</del>$250 monitors

CNET's top 5 sub-$250 monitors. This is it!

The Dell SX2210 is a great-performing monitor with many useful extras, and it's currently available from Dell for less than $250. I suggest you move quickly. CNET

Hey, cheapskate! No, not you, the guy who won't spend more than $100 on what is usually a bare-bones, off-brand monitor, with no warranty and a tech support service that won't return your calls, which of course you'll need since your new monitor is dead after two days. No, not you.

I'm talking to you, the guy who, maybe can do without HDMI but still wants at least a decently performing monitor with a few extras. Yes, you, come closer. No, closer...closer. Can you hear me OK? Good. It's sub-$250 monitors!

OK, the list includes five monitors that have at least a 22-inch screen and are currently $250 or less from the major e-tailers or direct from the manufacturer, the key word being "currently." That could change at any moment, so I suggest you take advantage. Go!

Update: That did change. After I posted this story, three of the monitors on this list coincidentally (suuuure) had their prices raised to over $200. Instead of swapping out cheaper ones, I decided to change the name of the article, as these are still great deals, even up to $250.

Also, stop by the monitor hub. You know you want to.