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Top 5 names for the alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet

Clearly it needs a better name.

A Colorado company called Alcohol Monitoring System has created an ankle bracelet that weighs only half a pound and makes hourly BAC checks. According to Gizmowatch, 4,000 people are already wearing these bracelets, one of whom may or may not be your cranky, Jim Beam-loving neighbor. This way, authorities can keep tabs on repeat offenders and make sure they aren't getting behind any steering wheels. It's being used as part of a program that goes by the fantastic acronym of SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring).

But there's one thing this gadget's missing: a cool name. Consequently, here are Crave's top five picks for what the BAC-detecting jewelry should be called. Alcohol Monitoring System, are you listening?

5. KegLeg. Imagine the possibilities for a pirate-costumed mascot. "Arrrr, don't ye be taking to the grog again!"

4. The Dranklet. Catchy!

3. BeerBling. Does it come in a "deluxe" version studded with Swarovski crystals?

2. Boozr. Naturally, the bracelet's software would connect to a Google Maps mashup that shows exactly which bars the anklet-wearer has been frequenting, with tags like "dive bar," "velvet rope nightclub," and "football game." Maybe even some photo sharing capabilities could be thrown in.

1. Blottorola LIQR, now with Boozetooth. Need we say more?

(Runners-up from the Crave experts: The Coney Island Crunk-o-meter, AAnklet, Alco-cessories, The Blackout Bracelet, Hoochcuff, Buzzkill Band, Alchie-Anklet, The DUI Pacer, the "Liverstrong" Bracelet.)