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Top 5 most expensive domain names

We count down the most expensive domain name sales ever, and you can win a water bottle.

The expense of purchasing a domain name from someone has given rise to websites without vowels, like Flickr, weirdly named services like Twitter, and strange ad farms at otherwise perfectly reasonable Web addresses.

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In this top 5 we count down the domain names that sold for the most money. These are the ones we know of, or suspect we have a good idea about. Some domain name sales happen in shadowy parlors filled with smoke and all observers are killed. Or at least it's something like that.

But the important point is that you can win a lame prize. This week it's a water bottle! It's actually a beverage bottle capable of holding many kinds of liquids, and even capable of holding some solids.

Most importantly it's yours if you watch the top 5 video and post a correct answer in the comments below. We'll pick a winner from one of the first ten people to answer correctly.