Top 5 Google searches

Find out the fastest-rising search terms in the world over the past three months.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
2 min read
Every three months we like to dip into Google Insights and see what the fastest-rising search terms were in the world.
Watch this: Google searches

This time we got clever. You see, because we're examining a 90 day period, usually the results don't change very fast. So we thought--a-ha!--since we're off on Friday, July 3 in the U.S, we'll be superefficient and shoot the search terms video early so we get ahead. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Well, let's see: Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, and freaking Michael Jackson all died between the time we shot and the time we published, which is today. A quick check of Insights yesterday did show that only Michael Jackson has broken into the Top 5 searches. So most of what we shot is still accurate.

In any case, please watch the video with that timing in mind, and know that the next time we shoot, we'll make sure we publish much closer to shoot time. Oh, and don't forget to come back here after watching to answer the trivia question and win the lame prize. There are five chances this time!

STILL nobody has it. OK, here's a few hints. It's the *fastest rising term* for the three months through June 18th. It's something American. If you do the search March through May, you'll find it in the top 5. If you do the search April through June, it takes all of june and throws off the results. last update
American Idol! Finally five people got it. Congrats to mackid1993, Jelly11293, jsquigs, maynard_13th, and matthew01s. Oh and matthew01s, you only have to post your answer once. It only counts once anyway. Also, folks, make sure a real email address is in your profile, or we won't be able to contact you to get the address where you want the prize sent. Thanks!