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Top 16 Black Friday tech deals

So what are the real deals this Black Friday? Check out these top picks from CNET.

There are many Black Friday deals but only a few worth paying attention to.
James Martin/CNET

Every year the Black Friday online circulars hit the Web and lots of sites round up every tech deal under the sun. That's great, but it's always hard to tell the real deals from all the crap that's being advertised to lure you into the stores. The truth is that a lot of the so-called superbargains are already available online from stores like Amazon and others.

However, a few items do stand out. Alas, many of these are "doorbusters" that are available in very limited quantities and only the people who arrive long before the doors open get a chance to buy them. But at least they really are deals, and some of them are actually worth getting excited about.

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