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Top-10 cell phone gaffes

SpinVox polls its users on the most annoying cell phone practices.

SpinVox, a London-based company that offers voice mail-to-text conversion technology, doesn't hide the fact that cell phones can be downright irritating at times. Today the company released the results of a poll of the most annoying cell phone practices as chosen by SpinVox users. Though most of the results aren't particularly surprising--loud talkers topped the list--a few of the practices I never would have thought of as annoying.

For example, "taste blasters," or people who showcase their musical taste through their ringtones, ranked above individuals who talk on the phone in restaurants (aka "chow chatters"). In my opinion, the latter is a far bigger breach of basic etiquette. Also, the study cited "spinal tappers," or people who use a loud speakerphone, as more annoying as those insufferable fools who block a checkout or takeaway line while yakking on their phone. Again, I'd choose the latter as the more obnoxious.

The most amusing practice came in at no. 10 on the list. It was "can conversationalists," or talkers who insist on having that all-important conversation in a public restroom. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's just gross. The two practices that I didn't expect to be on the list were "walk 'n scrollers," or people who scroll through their contacts list while walking through a public place, and "free samplers," or users who test each of their phone's ringtones with the volume turned up high (I admit I've been guilty of both). When I think about it, those do sound pretty annoying but I'd be more inclined to put driving with a cell phone, using a cell phone in a theater or at the gym, and obsessive Bluetooth users on the list.

SpinVox does offer suggestions for remedying each of the behaviors, but I've become more resigned to believe that annoying cell phone habits will never disappear completely. Still, I'd love to hear your comments on which cell phone practices you think are the worst.