Tony La Russa sues Twitter over alleged fake tweets

The St. Louis Cardinals manager sues Twitter after discovering a page that made fun of drinken driving and two Cardinals pitchers who died.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Let he who has not been fooled by a fake Twitter page cast the first stone.

Yet, though Kanye West has demanded that Biz Stone and friends do something about fake feeds, St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has gone one step further.

He's suing.

According to the Associated Press, La Russa who is, let's not forget, a lawyer, was appalled to discover someone had set up a Twitter account allegedly bearing his name and a sick sense of humor.

Tony La Russa is on the right CC SD Dirk

According to the complaint, filed last month in the Superior Court of California in San Francisco, one tweet of the now now-deleted account read, on April 19: "Lost 2 out of 3, but we made it out of Chicago without one drunk driving incident or dead pitcher."

For those of you who don't follow baseball closely, Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile died in his hotel room in 2002 of an arterial blockage. While relief pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in a car accident, after which his blood-alcohol level was said by authorities to have been twice the legal limit.

Quite a sense of the jolly, this Twitterer.

However, unlike other fake Twitter pages, the fake La Russa feed did apparently include a few words that read: "Bio Parodies are fun for everyone."

It will be interesting, should the matter ever come to court, what weight might be given to this alleged disclosure.

In his lawsuit, La Russa allegedly claims that the tweets were "derogatory and demeaning" and that the feed damaged his trademark rights.

However, it seems as if he is giving an intentional walk to the person who actually created the fake page. Which is an interesting decision.