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Tony Hawk would love this 'Star Wars' Imperial AT-AT

This statue of an Imperial AT-AT is made entirely of used skateboards, and can be yours for a cool $2,000.


Skateboarding and "Star Wars" rose to prominence in the late '70s and early '80s. To celebrate nearly 40 years of both, Vans Shoes and Santa Cruz Skateboards have teamed with Denver's Black Book gallery for the exhibit "Deathstar Blues," which features "Star Wars"-inspired artworks with a skateboard-themed twist.

One of the more interesting pieces is by artist Derek Keenan, who built an incredible sculpture of an Imperial AT-AT using nothing but used skateboards.

The piece, which measures 16 inches tall by 17 inches long, would make a beautiful addition to the "Star Wars" diehard's collection, though it costs nearly $2,000.

Given its small size, it's not likely to do much damage against the rebel forces at the Battle of Hoth, but it'll most certainly give pets a run for their money.