TomTom GO 930, GO 730 make their debut

TomTom releases two new portable navigation systems--the TomTom GO 930 and TomTom GO 730--with more intelligent routing and lane assistance.

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Bonnie Cha
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Today, TomTom added two new models to its GO series of portable navigation systems: the TomTom GO 930 and the TomTom GO 730. Both GPS devices feature enhanced user interfaces with new icons and a technology called Alfa Blending that claims to deliver smoother graphics. Beyond the aesthetics, the GO 930 and 730 offer more navigation functions to help drivers get to their destination faster and safely.

First, there's TomTom IQ Routes, which provides more "intelligent" routing based on the historical average speeds of a road during the weekday and weekends. In other words, it gives you a more accurate idea of driving and arrival time, and it also gives you the opportunity to find an alternate route--perhaps a little rush hour relief? Both GPS devices also have advanced lane guidance functions, more specifically lane separation and 3D renderings of complex junctions. Lane separation displays onscreen the number of lanes and which lane you should be in for your upcoming turn, among other things. And for particularly complicated intersections, you'll get a 3D image of what the area looks like as well as sign post information to give you a better idea of what's ahead. Having tested some portable navigation systems that just tell you to "Take the next exit" on a multiexit highway, this is a welcome and useful addition (though not new, see Navigon 7100 review) in my opinion.

Other highlights of the TomTom GO 930 and 730 are voice command functionality, including address entry, text-to-speech directions, integrated Bluetooth, and TomTom Map Share. The difference between the two models is the GO 930 comes preloaded with maps of North America and Europe, while the GO 730 is North America only. The expected ship date of the devices is April 29, but pricing was not available at press time.