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Tomorrow Daily 121: Realistic Unreal Engine 4 demo, a homemade mechanical horse, and more

On today's show, we give kudos (and chuckle a bit) at one man's attempt to make a mechanical horse at home, check out a jaw-droppingly realistic render from Unreal Engine 4 and discuss an inflatable planetarium with laser-projected stars inside.

On today's show, we're feeling a little bit weird, which is probably why we couldn't stop giggling at one man's attempt at making his own mechanical horse. To be fair, there's no way we can do better ourselves, no question...but watching that metal pony hobble around is the gift that keeps on giving.

Now that we've all agreed on the fact that we're horrible people, we're also talking about some really cool stuff today, like an inflatable planetarium and an incredible demo of a super-realistic looking apartment using Unreal Engine 4. Someone even grabbed the demo and turned it into an Oculus-compatible tour, which is pretty impressive.

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Tomorrow Daily 121 [mp3]: Realistic Unreal Engine 4 demo, a homemade mechanical horse and more

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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