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Tomorrow Daily 119: Robot bats, real-life ad-blocking headset, a futuristic piano and more

On today's show, we shudder at a robot bat that can easily switch between flying and moving on the ground, check out a headset that blurs out corporate logos in real life and enjoy the beauty of a futuristic piano with over 18,000 parts.

Today's show is filled with emotions: you'll feel a little scared of DALER, a bat-like robot designed to be able to seamlessly navigate the ground and sky with little downtime; you'll feel a little weirded out by "Brand Killer," a prototype headset designed to block out corporate logos and ads; and you'll feel a bunch of wonder when you see the ultra-futuristic Boganyi Piano, since it looks like it could also be a spaceship.

We're also going over this week's new releases, and it's games, games, games all the way. Don't worry about the movies this weekend, everyone. Just get back to completing that stack of shame you have lying around (we all have a pile of games we've been meaning to get around to).

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Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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