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Tom Merritt likes corn chips

Tom Merritt introduces himself and explains his theory of snack foods.

Hello, I'm Tom Merritt, executive editor for CNET TV. I'm supposed to write you a blog entry introducing you to myself by way of introducing you to the new CNET TV blog. I think the idea is that if I use my personality to get you engaged in our blog, you'll identify with it more, and have a warmer more personal feeling about CNET TV. I probably wasn't supposed to tell you that. Let me start again. Hello, I'm Tom Merritt and welcome to the new CNET TV blog. Boy is this going to be fun. One thing you'll learn about me is that I like fun. And prawns. And corn chips. In fact I think Frito's are one of the worlds' most perfect snack foods because they contain the holy trinity of ingredients; corn, corn oil, and salt. I've been told that doesn't engender the kind of user engagement and brand identification we were looking for. Also it names a food brand without authorization. So I have to start again. Hello, I'm Tom Merritt and I do some shows on CNET TV. Like I do, Insider Secrets, where I tell you cool tips and tricks for your computers and gadgets. And I do Quick Tips, which are the same thing only shorter. And I do top 5 where I count down five things in reverse order. Like Most popular downloads, or most wanted gadgets, or favorite video games of all time. Stuff like that. I also co-host the forthcoming CNET Live with Brian Cooley where we answer your tech questions live on the Web. Join me in unveiling the exciting world of technology in a comprehensible way you can use and enjoy. I'm told that struck the right note and they'll stop hammering my toe now. I also do the Buzz Out Loud and Real Deal podcasts. Ow! OK, gotta go. See you on the Web.