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Tom Cruise's Twitter love-in with DARPA

The famous actor feels moved by the progress the government agency is making, and their excitable Twitter exchange helps create a brilliant tagline for the future.

He's so excited.
Jimmy Kimmel LIve/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The government and the people haven't entirely been as one of late.

There's been a touch of friction, a frisson of discomfort in the relationship.

So it's uplifting when fears of schism are alleviated by one of the people's foremost representatives.

Yes, Tom Cruise offered a doe-eyed tweet about DARPA's forward progress.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is where so many scientific breakthroughs are enacted first.

So Cruise, himself a representative of Scientological progress, released a tweet Thursday that offered: "@DARPA getting closer to real-life #EdgeOfTomorrow exoskeleton...amazing! ... #TeamTC"

Accompanying this sofa-hopping excitement was a poster for his next, perhaps greatest movie "Edge Of Tomorrow." The link also led to a DARPA press release which glistened with joy about its exoskeletal progress.

This painted a beautiful picture of a world in which we could all wear "a comfortable, lightweight undersuit that would help prevent injury and boost endurance."

Our life partners will be pleased.

I am eternally grateful to Gizmodo for noticing this tweet and the subsequent swooning response from DARPA.

This read: ".@TomCruise It's not science fiction. It's DARPA."

I feel sure that, as time moves swiftly by, we will all be using those words as we see black rockets overhead and skeletal creatures in our midst: "It's not science fiction. It's DARPA."

We mortals are now less the creators of science, and more the poor souls pedaling as fast as we can to catch up to it.

We never will. It's got us precisely where it wants us.

We have to rely on those like Tom Cruise who have the future in their grasp and the vision in their eyes.

They have the fullest capabilities to hold our hands as we step into an unknown that will, in the end, look like so many movie sets.

The future is just like in the movies. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET