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Watch Tom Cruise fall from 'Vanilla Sky' into other movies

A clever mashup follows Tom Cruise in freefall through a host of movies he didn't star in.

Caution: This video has one brief NSFW word:

Actor Tom Cruise is known for his action movies and doing his own stunts. There's a moment in the 2001 sci-fi film "Vanilla Sky" when he jumps off the roof of a tall building. YouTube user DrMachakil took this scene as an invitation to splice Cruise's freefall into a host of other movies.

The use of some screams from Cruise's "The Mummy" trailer helps to ramp up the entertainment value as the actor flies along with the fiery Balrog from "Lord of the Rings" and beside the parachuting cars from "Furious 7."

The tension ramps up as Cruise careens into an "Avengers" scene. The superheroes look upward with concern. "He's not slowing down!" says Thor.

DrMachakil even figured out how to work in the "Free Fallin'" car singalong from "Jerry Maguire." Let's just say there's a smashing ending to the 90-second video.

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