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Tom Brady Instagrams stolen Super Bowl shirt suspects

Commentary: On Instagram, the New England Patriots quarterback accused quite a few people of potentially being involved.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Perhaps it was a conspiracy among them all.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When Tom Brady and justice come together, there's often consternation.

The New England Patriots quarterback, so cruelly suspended by the NFL after being accused of ordering balls to be deflated, is at the center of another crime against humanity.

Immediately after his team's Super Bowl triumph earlier this month, the shirt he wore disappeared. The jersey, now valued at $500,000, was allegedly taken by a mysterious person or persons.

Could the Russians get hold of it and use it as a bargaining tool against Brady's good friend, Donald Trump? Stranger things have occurred.

However, Brady himself has now leaped to Instagram to offer his list of suspects. On Wednesday, he posted a whole police station collage of those who he fears might have been involved.

These include Lady Gaga, she who performed in the halftime show. Also on the board, Jaws the shark who -- according to Brady -- "takes things without asking" and has a "violent history."

There were even sci-fi suspects.

"Guy who stole Khaleesi's egg," for example, a reference to a dreary TV show called "Game Of Thrones." There was an even more familiar face: Gollum. Perhaps this legendary "Lord Of The Rings" character reflects Brady's own self-image, torn between love and hate.

Another named suspect might confirm this: "Creepy Me." This person was the picture a courtroom artist sketched of Brady as he testified during the Deflategate hearings.

Naturally, Brady's post proved immensely popular, at time of writing enjoying more than 166,000 likes.

Will it, though, help find those responsible? Or will the quarterback have another chip to bear on his delicate shoulders when next season begins?

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