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Tokyo's Clone Factory thinks you're a doll

Shop in Tokyo's Akihabara district will make a surprisingly realistic (or is it creepy?) little doll version of you--in case one of you isn't enough.

Clone Factory dolls
Jibun-san wedding dolls made at the Clone Factory in Tokyo. The dolls have realistic faces, but less realistic elbows and wrists. Cute or creepy? Danny Choo/Flickr
Go Hiromi
Popular Japanese singer Hiromi Go in 12-inch doll form. The doll sold for $390. Danny Choo/Flickr

Think the world needs another you but can't cough up the $225,000 for your own android clone? Japan's Clone Factory has an alternative in the form of little doppelganger dolls that will set you back a mere $1,770.

The Jibun-san (me) dolls won't model your voice, facial expressions, and upper-body movements like Kokoro's lifelike robots do. But they might make good gifts for friends, family, and fans who can't seem to get enough of you in person.

To get a doll made, you'll need to stop by the Clone Factory office in Tokyo's Akihabara district. The staff will take high-resolution photos of your head from multiple angles and feed the resulting detailed 3D model into a 3D printer.

It, in turn, will spit out a plaster head that's painted and styled to look like you, down to teeth, makeup, and hairstyle, and put atop a body wearing clothes that reflect your style.

Clone Factory is pitching the dolls as souvenirs of special occasions, such as weddings. They stand up to 20 inches tall.

Sadly, we couldn't convince CNET to send the Crave staff to Tokyo just to get dolled up, so we had to settle for Culture Japan writer Danny Choo's firsthand account of the experience. That's him below in flesh form and doll form--and other than the plastic packaging and Stormtrooper body, it's kind of hard to tell the difference.

Danny Choo being photographed
Danny Choo of Culture Japan gets photographed at the Clone Factory in Tokyo. Digital SLRs surround a chair in the middle of the room, with some cameras on the ceiling too. Danny Choo/Flickr
Danny Choo doll
That's Choo's newly minted clone head attached to a Stormtrooper body and resting in its packaging. Not a bad facsimile, is it? Danny Choo/Flickr

Thanks, Takayuki Sakurai, for the translation help!