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TiVo-like camcorder documents your life

Wearable gizmo temporarily records everything you see. Miss a Kodak moment? Press a button and it's saved.

Consumer electronics start-up Deja View announced Thursday that it has signed a manufacturing partner for its wearable camcorder.

Deja View's Model 100 has two main components. The camera part is small enough to clip to a cap or a pair of eyeglasses and connects to a recording and storage unit that can be worn on a belt or in a fanny pack.

Singapore contract manufacturer Advent Electronics will make the Model 100 for Brick, N.J.-based Deja View, according to the companies. Deja View has not yet set an on-sale date for the device, but it is talking pre-orders now, with the gizmo priced at $399.

Besides its diminutive size, the Model 100 differs from other camcorders because of a recording approach Deja View promises will eliminate missed shots.

Once activated, the Model 100 continually captures whatever it's pointed at and saves the results in a 30-second memory buffer. When a customer experiences something they want to save for posterity, they hit the "record" button and the unit saves the last 30 seconds of footage to a Secure Digital storage card.

The method has prompted some wags to tag the camcorder as a real-life version of the TiVo video recorder, whose popularity is partly based on the device's ability to pause and rewind live TV.