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TiVo hires marketing chief

Also: company announces it exceeded 2 million subscribers over Labor Day weekend.

TiVo announced Thursday it has hired Matt Wisk as senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Wisk started on Sept. 20 and reports to Brodie Keast, an executive vice president at TiVo. Wisk will direct marketing, branding, corporate communications and public relations efforts for TiVo, according to the company. He has worked at Herbalife International and Nokia. As part of his compensation package, TiVo made a stock option grant to Wisk for 150,000 common shares with a strike price of $4.11 per share with a 10-year term. Half of his shares vest at the end of his first year with the company, with the rest vesting in 12 equal installments during his second year.

Also on Thursday, the company announced it exceeded 2 million subscribers over Labor Day weekend.