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TiVo extends ad features

Company launches new technology designed to let advertisers pack more information into their spots.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.
TiVo has launched new technology designed to let commercials pack in more information, regardless of whether viewers are trying to fast-forward past them.

The digital video recorder company, which lets people record, fast-forward, pause and replay live TV shows, will let advertisers insert customized tags into their spots. The tags will let viewers receive more information about a product and let advertisers receive direct leads via the commercials. For example, General Motors will use the tags to advertise new cars and the WB Television Network will use them to highlight new shows.

"With our partners' feedback, we have worked continuously to develop a leading ad platform that is relevant and exciting for TiVo subscribers and, at the same time, makes it valuable for advertisers," David Courtney, TiVo chief financial officer, said in a statement on Monday.

TiVo subscribers, however, have previously voiced concern about the general direction the company has taken with advertisers.

But TiVo in the past has said it has no plans to strip out a hidden feature that lets users launch a 30-second skip feature and thus jet past advertisements.


Correction: This story misstated the status of TiVo's 30-second skip feature, which allows viewers to zip past advertisements. The feature is still accessible to users.