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Tiny projector throws big Instagram images

Supersize your Instagrams with a petite slide film projector that manages to be both retro and fresh at the same time.

Projecteo Instagram
Here's an Instagram of the Projecteo.
Mint Digital

I've shared many an Instagram image by handing my phone over for someone to view. They always squint and angle the screen, then hand it back. If I could magically make them bigger, sharing Instagrams in real life would be a lot more social and lot more fun. That will soon be possible with Projecteo, a tiny projector designed just for Instagram.

There's a bit more to this than just Instagram + projector. Projecteo is really a miniscule 35mm slide film projector. You pick out your favorite Instagram images, Projecteo puts them on slide film, and then mails it to you.

The projector itself will fit on you palm and still look dainty. In a dark room, it can project images over 2-feet wide. A $25 Kickstarter pledge will get you the projector and a wheel of nine Instagram photos on one little round of slide film.

The projector offers 8 hours of battery life. There's no word yet on what extra picture wheels will cost.

This is an interesting project since it takes some of the spontaneity out of the Instagram experience. In exchange, it challenges you to curate your photo collection and cull only the best images. There's also something comfortingly retro about using a slide projector to share your faux-aged digital photos.

Mint Digital, the company that created Foldable.Me and the Molly sweet-dispensing robot, is involved in Projecteo. It has a history of creating unusual and whimsical tech products, so this teensy-weensy Instagram projector fits right in.

Projecteo projecting
This little device makes a big impression. Mint Digital